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Cast Iron Covers

Classic & Sophisticated

Contemporary styles are not for everyone, and so with this in mind Lateral Design Studio introduced our 'Iron Age' set of cast iron range reintroducing the charm and elegant design detail of yesteryear.

The covers are the perfect addition to any classic landscaped area. Manufactured from recycled cast iron, the covers will age naturally and develop a golden bloom to a dark patina, which gives this particular drain cover a natural rustic look for any classic scheme.

The ageing process can be altered and delayed by applying further surface treatments. We have fifteen designs in our cast iron range. The Locust Design was used in the Award winning garden at the prestigious Tatton Park 2012.


Argo - View more details ▸▸

Carbochon - View more details ▸▸

Dynamo - View more details ▸▸
Greek Key

Greek Key - View more details ▸▸

Interlaken - View more details ▸▸

Janis - View more details ▸▸

Locust - View more details ▸▸

Minnione - View more details ▸▸

Oblio - View more details ▸▸

Paradise - View more details ▸▸

Que - View more details ▸▸

Rain - View more details ▸▸
Regular Joe

Regular Joe - View more details ▸▸
River Rock

River Rock - View more details ▸▸

Sunset - View more details ▸▸
Flower Grid

Flower Grid

Geo Square [NEW CONCEPT]