Fully Integrated Flush Level Threshold Access Drain System

Introducing Aqualevel

Seamless Integration of Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Our award-winning and patented flush level threshold drain system is the ultimate solution for protecting your building's integrity at door junctions and beyond.

Unlike traditional plastic clamp-on channel drains, Aqualevel is a fully integrated drain system designed to efficiently collect and channel water away from your building.

Our system is meticulously crafted to seamlessly incorporate your door threshold, ensuring a flush and level access over various types of patio door setups, including bifold, sliding, or lift & slide doors. Aqualevel not only addresses the longstanding challenges faced by design teams, architects, developers, and builders but also meets the needs of homeowners seeking seamless indoor-outdoor living experiences.

Say goodbye to the worries associated with water discharge near door thresholds. Aqualevel offers a comprehensive solution that safeguards your building's fabric and enhances its aesthetic appeal. Experience the difference with Aqualevel – where innovation meets functionality.

  • Uncompromised True Level Access Drain

    The only full threshold drain that provides a true level access drain without compromise, for all flush level or semi-flush door thresholds.

  • Versatile Installation Solutions

    Designed for new installs or retrofitted installations if the doors are already fitted.

  • Efficient Water Infiltration Protection

    An exceptionally efficient flush threshold drain, meticulously designed to offer thorough safeguarding against water infiltration.

  • Seamless Elevation

    Operates seamlessly across all settings and elevations, spanning from ground level and basements to balconies and rooftops of varying designs.

  • Comprehensive Water Management

    Gathers water from three distinct sources and efficiently diverts the flow, encompassing water from rainwater harvesting systems, all managed within a single system.

  • Streamlined Door Opening Drainage

    A single continuous channel drain is all that's needed to accommodate multiple door openings, seamlessly aligned along brick elevation lines with our integrated reveal infill detail.

Features & Benefits of the
Aqualevel Threshold
Drain System

– Seamlessly extends around the building where paving is uniformly leveled.

– Streamlines sub-ground drainage installations, reducing build costs.

– Accommodates floor variations, threshold build-ups, and external ground level differences.

– Fully compliant with Part M Building Regulation, ensuring unrestricted access for wheelchair users.

– All channels, components, and covers crafted from recycled aluminium and stainless steel.

– Simple to specify and install with our click-and-fix modular system.

– Comprehensive range of components available, including angles, stop ends, spigot outlets, connectors, and silt/leaf boxes.

– Compatible with domestic 110mm soakaways and main drain systems for full connectivity.

– Enhance cover design and client experiences with LED lighting feature, channel light bars.

– Technical support and design services available for backup.

– Designed and manufactured in the UK, ensuring quality and reliability.

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Improving Sustainability

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Threshold Drainage Myths

Many threshold drains are being falsely advertised as universal solutions for all door threshold types. They are marketed as capable of accommodating any threshold construction, whether stepped or level, with their covers set flush with both inside and outside surfaces. However, this notion of a "one-size-fits-all" channel profile is misleading.

In truth, standard channel drains are only suitable for stepped door thresholds, where the drain cover sits lower than the threshold itself. They fail to effectively capture water from modern door systems with weep holes designed to allow water to pass from the tracks to exit at these weep holes. This means they are ineffective for capturing water from the door threshold itself. You need a complete dual-flow drain like our Aqualevel system that completely encapsulates, isolates the door and drain from the building, whilst working with the buildings DPC's and DPM.

Our system captures water from the adjacent paved surfaces and the water that exits from the door threshold weep holes. Additionally, rainwater pipes can be integrated into this system to safely redirect water away from the building, thus preventing structural water damage.

One misconception contributing to the misuse of these standard drains is the belief that they are approved for all door types, as they are often marketed as being compliant with Part M of Building Regulations. However, Part M primarily focuses on wheelchair access and does not adequately address the drainage requirements of door thresholds. This requires a minimum of a 10mm drain slot which is totally ineffective at this location, as this detail fails to collect the water from the door threshold itself.

It's crucial to understand that threshold drains should only be used with stepped threshold details to avoid complications with DPC detailing. The outdated drainage details intended for flush level thresholds are incompatible with modern metal door profiles and weep hole drainage systems. These antiquated methods, such as French drains or slot drains, are not only ineffective but also prone to eventual failure.

Companies that claim simple channel drains can be utilised at this location, irrespective of its name, for flush level access requirements are misleading and fail to fully elucidate the actuality and consequences of such a choice. They rely on the limited knowledge of landscapers regarding the precise reasons why a drain is necessary in relation to the building's structure.

Going Bespoke: A Modular Drainage Marvel

As our system is modular we can re-engineer a bespoke solution for your particular project requirements. Our bespoke design service enables you to tweak an existing design or create a completely new one. You can also have LED light bars fitted within the drain channel to highlight your chosen design to best effect.

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