Bespoke Design

Bespoke Design Threshold Drainage

We specialise in the innovation, design, and production of cutting-edge drainage products that not only deliver exceptional functionality but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of any project to a new pinnacle. Our esteemed Aqualevel system, recipient of multiple accolades, empowers you with the flexibility to customise and craft a truly distinctive design tailored to your project’s specifications.

Aqualevel was designed to be fitted prior to an installation or along with the door install, however we have the only drain system that can be retrofitted after the doors have already been put in. Off-the-shelf threshold drain systems are typcially not fit for purpose as they cannot be adapted to work with all the site variables, that then allow water to enter the fabric of the building.

Design & Development

We can design and manufacture bespoke sections; the exact profile being dependent on the type of door system and make-up of the door that being supplied to your clients.

Even though most of the components are standard to our system, some of the components are adjusted to work with your door threshold profile, number of tracks and weep hole location etc. These are typically incorporated with the architects construction detailing, door threshold, floor and ground build ups and levels, door reveals depths and drain connections along with DPC’s and DPM’s. All these variables are all incorporated into the final product profile.

The modularity of our system allows us to engineer a customised solution that perfectly aligns with the unique demands of your project. Our tailored design service provides you with the opportunity to refine an existing design or craft a completely original one. Moreover, you have the option to integrate LED light bars within the drain channel, accentuating your chosen design with optimal visual impact.

Covers & Finishes

We have an incredible wide range of unique patterns and finishes for your drainage covers. However, if you wish to have something created that’s a little bit different we also offer the option to modify existing patterns or create an entirely new design, incorporating specific text or even your logo to infuse a personalised touch into your project.

Along with our bespoke design service we can also provide a great selection of finishes, such as powder coating (coated to any available RAL colour), copper or bronzing.