Aqualevel System

The Aqualevel System

Aqualevel is designed to collect and safely channel the water away from the fabric of your building as one fully integrated drain system. Designed so that your door threshold becomes an integral part of our Aqualevel system, to give you a fully protected flush level access over all types of patio door thresholds build ups, be they bi-fold, sliding door or lift & slide door.

Aqualevel works with all types of patio door systems supplied and sold in the UK by the largest door manufacturers and resellers. Including Skyframe, Schueco, Smart Systems, Solarlux, Sunflex, Reynaers, Aluk, Origin, Scenic, Vitocsa, ID Systems and Cantafix to name just a few.

Cross Section with Reveal Infill

Rebated Threshold

With Reveal Infill

Cross Section without Reveal Infill

Rebated Threshold without Infill

Without Reveal Infill

Cross Section with Reveal Infill

Retrofit Option

With Reveal Infill (Retrofit)

Cross Section without Reveal Infill

Retrofit Option​

Without Reveal Infill (Retrofit)

Our standard Aqualevel 125 flush threshold drainage system comes with one of our stylish 125mm wide architectural designed covers.

Select from our stainless steel, cast iron, Corten, or Jonite stone covers to match your paving. Powder coating and other finishes also available.

Aqualevel 125 Standard Exploded View

Our “NEW” slimline Aqualevel 75 flush threshold drainage system comes with one of our stylish 75mm wide architectural designed covers.

Select from our stainless steel, cast iron, Corten, or Jonite stone covers to match your paving. Powder coating and other finishes also available.

Aqualevel 125 Standard Exploded View

System Components

Brought to site as a modular system, the components and accessories are supplied ready to install with your doors and can be supplied with an optional fitting kit.

Our channels and components are manufactured in structural grade aluminium and are protected by a polyurethane powder coat, available in any RAL colour.

Other Accessories

You may also select our other available accessories and options such as; stop ends, butt strap connectors, spigot outlets, silt boxes, and/or corner sections.

Decorative Covers

Choose from our diverse range of meticulously crafted covers and accessories, including aesthetically designed linear stainless steel covers, sophisticated cast iron grates, ethically sourced composite stone channel covers, elegantly weathered corten steel, and robust plastic grates. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, redefine the intersection of form and function in landscape design with our unmatched drainage designs.

  • Stainless Steel

    Our aesthetically designed and highly robust drainage covers are manufactured from 70% recycled stainless steel, brushed finish to replace the utilitarian galvanised steel ladder style channel drain covers, manholes and the truly abysmal black plastic gulley grates that scar every landscape project. We have several designs in our standard stainless steel channel drainage range with coordinated covers for manhole and gully covers.

    Standard 304 Grade
    Our standard stainless steel covers are 304 graded. These offer standard corrosion resistance, formability, strength, and easy maintenance for which stainless steel is known for.

    Upgrade to 316 Grade
    If you intend to install this cover near a coastal area, swimming pool and/or spa deck you may require this cover in a 316 grade. Please ensure that you select the right option for your application. If you need any assistance or would like to request a brushed 316 grade version of this pattern then please get in touch.

    We have numerous patterns available in our stainless steel range, which you can view here, but we recommend using our standard designs which are shown below.

  • Corten Steel

    Corten steel exudes a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic reminiscent of cast iron but at a significantly reduced cost.

    This metal undergoes a transformative evolution over time when subjected to atmospheric conditions. Initially resembling mild steel, it progressively ages upon exposure to water, developing a self-protective brown-orange coating that matures into a stable rust-like patina after enduring elemental exposure over a span of several years. The natural aging process can be expedited through regular application of water to the surface.

    Our corten covers are available in many of the same patterns found in our stainless steel range. You can view our standard corten covers below and view our entire corten range here.

  • Jonite Stone

    Jonite is an international company that supplies ethical composite stone channel covers, providing a smart natural look. Their products are made with a minimum of 30% recycled materials and as such are green label certified. They also have a lower water absorption rate than natural stone, which means the covers maintain their colour when in contact with water.

    Seven designs are available in eight sophisticated colours including York White and Portland Beige which are designed to match the famous York and Portland stones.

    You can view our complete Jonite stone range here.

  • Cast Iron

    Contemporary styles are not for everyone, and so with this in mind Lateral Design Studio introduced our 'Iron Age' set of cast iron range reintroducing the charm and elegant design detail of yesteryear.

    The covers are the perfect addition to any classic landscaped area. Manufactured from recycled cast iron, the covers will age naturally and develop a golden bloom to a dark patina, which gives this particular drain cover a natural rustic look for any classic scheme. The ageing process can be altered and delayed by applying further surface treatments.

    For more of our cast iron options please click here.


We offer numerous finishes for many of our products; for stainless steel, corten and cast iron.

  • Pre/Post Rust Treatment

    Our cast iron products arrive in their raw state, initially displaying a grey color. However, upon exposure to water, they gradually transform into a vibrant orange hue. Over time, this rust layer naturally diminishes, revealing a richer, chocolate brown patina. For those who prefer a more controlled aesthetic, we offer a pre-rusting service. With this option, we supply the covers already rusted and then apply a special protective treatment post-rust. This treatment not only preserves the color but also deepens it, resulting in a darker and more visually appealing finish.

  • Powder Coating

    Powder coating is a versatile metal finishing process that allows us to achieve nearly any RAL color or shade you desire. This finish is known for its exceptional durability, making it highly resistant to scratches, chipping, wear, and fading.

  • Baked On Oil

    The baked-on oil finish is a unique application that utilises recycled cooking oil as the coating material. It imparts an aged appearance to the product, creating a charmingly weathered look. As the oil naturally wears off, it facilitates a smooth and graceful transition from the initial installation to the eventual patina.

  • Corten Sealant

    In a manner akin to our Post-Rust method, we can also implement a similar approach with our corten steel products. Corten steel, renowned for its inherent rusting qualities, can be enhanced with the application of a sealant. This sealant not only seals the rusted surface but also attains an aged chocolate brown finish. This applied topcoat sealer finish serves a dual purpose: it not only achieves a more stable patina but also halts the aging process, preventing any potential bleaching.

*The price of our 125mm and 75mm system is dependant on the level of detailing your project requires. This includes options with or without door reveal infills and the style, type and finishes selected for your architectural drainage covers.